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Welcome to Barum Jiu Jitsu

An association of the powerful BJJ Revolution Team. Barum Jiu Jitsu San Diego teaches under the great Carlson Gracie. We proudly provide techniques and training programs that are fun, professional, and rewarding.
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A jiu-jitsu team is only as strong as its academy and at Barum Jiu Jitsu we provide San Diego with one of the most spacious and welcoming academies to date. Centrally located in San Diego, our academy is just minutes away from the Pacific Ocean, but accessible from major San Diego freeways.

Barum Jiu Jitsu San Diego also has very flexible admission rules and class schedules. We understand that it is difficult to sometimes keep a set schedule when training. At Barum Jiu Jitsu we offer very flexible class start times and offer open mat training after every class so you can attend later to fit your schedule. Early morning and afternoon classes are available to get even more students on the mat.

We are also very proud to offer young children's and teen classes for the young Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner. Sport Jiu Jitsu can be acquired at a very young age (preferably 3-4 years old) and is enjoyed greatly by our youngest stars. Teen classes teach teamwork and provide an excellent after school exercise. Our instruction is a thoughtful positive resource that is social and healthy.

Our most valued accomplishment is our performance as a competitive team in our very first year. Our students are not pressured to compete, but encouraged. Many lessons are learned in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition and we want the student to learn them on his/her own terms. The Carlson Gracie Team is one of the largest and most decorated in the United States and Barum San Diego represented them and BJJ Revolution admirably with impressive victories and medals.